Air Duct Cleaning System

Many companies in the U.S. offer their developed air duct cleaning systems. They provide a professional help in the fight with contaminated ducts, referring to the fact that most homeowners do not really know how to deal with this problem. And it is true. A lot of people not clean the ducts in their homes or do it rarely.

Among companies, that provide a special air duct cleaning system we can pick out following.

Air Duct Cleaning System

First company is Air-Care.
It offers a special program “BrushMaster Air Duct Cleaning System”.

The BrushMaster Power Brush System applies new technologies for excellent cleaning of commercial and residential air duct systems. It is really easy compared to units applying a versatile steel shaft by mounting the high motor activity direct to the brush, where the power is necessary needed. The wireless remote begins to work if you are begining to clean a floor mounted duct or on a staircase for a ceiling duct.

The BrushMaster system combined with a Negative Air machine provides you a convenient, effective and reliable duct cleaning system that has been carefully tested.

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Different types of air Duct Cleaning System offers a Nikro.
SL2000 - Single Motor and Blower unit 115V Electric System;
SL4000 – Dual Motor and Blower unit 115V Electric System;
US4000 – Dual Blower Upright Duct Cleaning System;
EC5000 – Dual Motor & Blower unit 115V Electric System;
UR5000 – Dual Motor & Blower unit Commercial 115V Electric System;
COM5000 - Dual Motor & Blower unit Commercial 115V Electric System;
HP20GAS – 20 HP Portable Gas Vacuum;
TR31VAC – 31 HP Trailer/Truck Mounted Vacuum;
TR31PKG – Truck Trailer Mounted Vacuum w/ compressor.