Clean Home, Dirty Air Ducts

Many homes, even those that are meticulously clean elsewhere, suffer from air duct systems that are not properly cleaned and maintained. When it comes to air duct cleaning, Richmond residents may not immediately think of such services when considering cleaning and caring for their homes. After all, these services are not required but once every few years, and even those residents that know of the importance of keeping their air ducts clean may allow the service to slip their minds. If you are moving into a new home, or have never had your air duct system cleaned, you should consider that your home is not truly clean until the air is clean, and that is the role of an air duct cleaning Richmond professional.

I Keep My Windows Closed—Is there Still a Problem?

One of the main considerations of air duct cleaning Richmond services is the major difference that such services can make for those that deal with allergies and other respiratory problems. The contaminants that exists in air ducts can cause these problems to be irritated, and create serious discomfort for sensitive members of your family. This may cause you to wonder whether keeping your windows closed make the difference in the cleanliness of your air. Many people who have allergies, or whose children suffer from these problems, never open the windows of their homes for fear of allowing in pollen and other allergens. While this can make a difference, unfortunately it is not enough to guarantee that the air inside your home is free from these contaminants. Duct Cleaning Bros will tell you that these contaminants are introduced into your home every time you open the door or walk inside. This is because pollen and other environmental allergens can cling to your shoes and clothing then become part of the air inside your home.

As the air in your home is circulated through the ducts either to be heated or cooled, the allergens will continuously move through this system and through the air of your home. Many filters, especially those that have been clogged with dirt and dust, won't be able to stop many of the allergens. This makes it important for any home that copes with the miserable symptoms of allergies or asthma to seek the services of an air duct cleaning Richmond professional to ensure their home is clean and protected.

The Services of an Air Duct Cleaning Richmond Professional

An air duct cleaning Richmond professional will have two main goals for his services. First, he will want to thoroughly clean out your air duct system, including the cages and pump, and replace the filters. This will remove the buildup of dirt, dust, bacteria and other contaminants that have been circulating through your home. During this cleaning process he should also check your dryer vents to ensure that it is not been clogged with lint and fibers. Not only can this buildup cause your dryer to function less efficiently, taking up more energy to drive your clothing, but it can also pose a serious fire risk.

Secondly, the air duct cleaning Richmond professional will want to ensure the ongoing protection of your home. He will lay down a special sanitizing solution that will kill any lingering fungi, viruses and bacteria, and ward off the further growth of these contaminants between thorough cleanings. Keeping these germs and irritants at bay will help protect your family from developing colds and other illnesses. Though the air duct system of your home only needs to be cleaned every 5 to 7 years, it is very helpful for sanitizing solution to be applied more regularly to continue this protection.

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Living in Richmond is like getting the best of two worlds. You feel nestled in a small town that still appreciates the comfort, relaxation and values of years past, but have the convenience and opportunities that easy access to the big city of Houston brings. When it comes to air duct cleaning, Richmond residents know that ensuring the cleanliness of their air is critical to protecting the health and well-being of their family. The lovely weather and welcoming atmosphere of Richmond are a wonderful place to live and grow, and creating a clean and healthy home is the perfect way to enjoy it completely.