Cleaning Ducts

Cleaning Ducts

This paper deals with the problem of cleaning ducts. As you know, modern apartments and houses were constructed to be hermetically sealed for more cooling and heating efficiency. They are so airtight, but that newly air circulates back in to the house very slowly, it can take many hours for the air in a new apartment to recycle it-self.

This makes not only fug air but a build up of pollutants inside the home. These contaminations include such irritants as pollen, dust, mold spores smoke and the dander from animals that not only disturb your lungs but contaminate cooling and heating systems, computers, and many others electronic equipment. You can also suffer the actions of more serious environmental risks like the formaldehyde from different construction materials.

We offer you an easy steps, that will help you to clean your air ducts.

For the cleaning ducts you will need a following materials and tools:
Vacuum cleaner
cleaning ducts 

Step 1.
Check the duct walls in your house. If they have never been cleaned (even if you apply filters in furnace), delete a register and inspect the duct walls inside.

Step 2.
Vacuum the ducts. You can achieve one feet down most ducts with the help of a vacuum cleaner, and it will help liquidate pollutants. But if you need a thorough cleaning of the whole duct system in your house, you can take on hire a professional duct cleaning service.

Step 3.
Vacuum the return air grille. Dirt that sneaks in your filters can finally be trapped at the return air grille, so it is also should be vacuumed.

These three steps can help you to carry out the cleaning ducts procedure on your own without the help of professionals and to preserve the purity of air in your home for a long time.