Dryer Duct Cleaning

Movement of clothing round and round inside the dryer can seem innocuous, but as they move there they are permanently contributing to a stock of dust and lint inside the ductwork of dryer that can at any time erupt in a flaming hell. Into force of this dryer duct cleaning is vital.


Dryer duct cleaning is really easy to do and a lot of homeowners do it by themselves. Other people, who have allergies on dust and do not want to deal with this things will employ a duct cleaning specialist who will do all the job for them.

Residential and commercial, professional dryer duct cleaning is really accessible. Such services are expensive, but it is cheaper than the loss from dryer duct fire.


Dryer duct cleaning

Dryer ducts as usual must be cleaned approximately just once in six months, but sometimes you should do it more. Householders who decide to do dryer duct cleaning by themselves should do following simple steps.


  1. Pull out your dryer from the wall
  2. Disable the versatile duct from the back side of the dryer
  3. Applying a dry/wet vacuum, place the wand of vacuum as far into the duct as you can do it
  4. Disable another end of the duct and place the wand of vacuum  as far as you can do it
  5. Implement change of the duct


A lot of people don’t understand how significant dryer duct cleaning is until it is too late.