Efficient Cleaning Duct Work

Good maintained ductwork makes better the quality of the air in your house, helps prolong the life of heating systems and air conditioning and saves energy. Do it yourself cleaning ductwork can help you to save your money.

For the cleaning ductwork you will need following tools and things:
Dust mask
New filter
Cleaning brush
Damp cloth
Clear plastic zipper bag
Vacuum cleaner
Duct tape
Household cleaning detergent

Cleaning Ductwork

Instructions for cleaning ductwork procedure.

Step 1.
Delete with the screwdriver screws on the vent covers and put it in the clear zipper bag. If your vent covers are settled on the ceiling, you will need a ladder to get access. Take off the vent covers from the floors walls and ceilings to get to the ducts.

Step 2.
Expand the newspaper on the floor. Put the vent covers on it.

Step 3.
Close on a dust mask. Make the cleaning of the grills vent cover applying a wet cloth. Delete stubborn hair and garbage and then apply a mild cleaning solution to clean the vent cover.

Step 4.
Add the brush to the expansion hose on the vacuum cleaner. Secure the brush and hose with scotch tape to prevent losses them in the ductwork.
The next step for cleaning ductwork.

Step 5.
Insert the vacuum cleaner and turn on the extension hose in the ductwork as far as you can do it.

Step 6.
Rub the inside part of the walls of the ductwork with the brush on the vacuum hose. Delete the vent covers.

Step 7.
Emit your old filter in the furnace  or air conditioning system. Make the installation of the new filter in the air conditioning system or furnace.

These seven easy steps of the cleaning ductwork will help you to keep a clean and fresh air inside your house.