Why is Dryer Vent Cleaning in Richmond VA (well anywhere really) Important?

You should have the dryer vent cleaned for safety reasons, particularly to reduce fire risks and exposure to carbon monoxide. Lint and dust can build up in the dryer vent, obstructing flow of air and creating a potentially dangerous condition that includes the possibility for a dryer fire or the release of toxic carbon monoxide.

Recent statistics of fire data show that 2,900 residential structures experience clothes dryer fires that result not only in $35 million dollars in damages to property but also cases of death and injuries. The lack of regular Los Angeles dryer vent cleaning is the primary cause of dryer fires.

How does lint become a fire hazard?

Lint is a particle that comes from clothes made of cotton or polyester. It’s a highly flammable material and is carried through the vent duct by water vapors that evaporate from your wet clothes during drying as well as from the exhaust steam. Without Los Angeles dryer vent cleaning, lint will naturally accumulated in the dryer vent.

The buildup reduces the ability of the dryer to release heated water vapors, causing heat energy to build up inside the dryer. This can lead to overheating and mechanical failures which can produce sparks that in turn can cause trapped lint to ignite into flames. Los Angeles dryer vent cleaning prevent such an incident from happening.

Indoor Air Quality

If your dryer vent is clogged, it will exhaust poorly so you may actually find more lint in your laundry room or the room becomes more humid because moisture is not expelled properly from the vent. With increased humidity, your home attracts more dust which can affect the quality of air you breathe indoors.

Also, if you have a gas-burning clothes dryer, then there is the risk of carbon monoxide flowing back into your home. Carbon monoxide is dangerous and can have adverse effects on the heart and central nervous system. Prolonged exposure to this gas is fatal. Los Angeles dryer vent cleaning helps improve indoor air quality by making sure the vent is clean and obstruction free so that any gas, moisture and heat produced during the operation of the dryer flows out of the house freely.


Because flow of air and vapor is restricted in a clogged dryer vent, the dryer will run hotter but takes longer to dry clothes. You will find that after a single cycle, the clothes are hotter to the touch than normal but they are still damp. So, you will need to do probably a few more cycles to get the clothes dry.

This is how the lack of dryer vent cleaning can significantly impact the energy efficiency of the dryer, ultimately adding to your energy bill. It also creates unnecessary use of the appliance, increasing its wear and tear. Not to mention how it’s also consuming more of your time to finish the chore. Calling for Duct Cleaning Bros of Richmond dryer vent cleaning will certainly minimize energy consumption.

Duct Cleaning Bros of Richmond professionals will:

Clean the dryer vent to remove all lint and dust

Make sure there are no leaking parts in the vent

Ensure all connection points are secure